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The Sexiest Woman in the World

April 16, 2012

The sexiest woman in the world is happy with herself and whole and complete without a man.

She doesn’t exude neediness, connive to snag a man, seduce someone else’s, or pretend she doesn’t want one.

She’s alive, actively pursuing interests that matter to her, and at peace with herself. For her there is no question of whether her match will appear, only when.

She’s patient, knowing that one cannot rush the sunrise.


photo credit: Sunrise in America by, Trey Ratcliff

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  • Deirdre Bacon Gadison

    Yessssssssss I AM! <3

  • Sallie Tyson

    Yes Ma’am ~ <3 !

  • Cindy Kagey

    Absolutely i am

  • Jackie Haselmeyer Rioux

    I am NOW… and some day :)

  • Shelli Clemens

    Hell to the yes! ;^)

  • Cindy Wiklund

    Absolutely. Without any doubt!

  • LIFE by Cynthia Occelli

    You’re all so sexy when you know it :)

  • Gina Zamora

    Yes, in my world!! How about you?

  • Mellisha Fehr

    Hell yeah sister!!

  • LIFE by Cynthia Occelli

    I’m fiercely sexy Gina :)

  • Patty

    Spent way too much time being angry and saying “Who needs a man?” While “need” may be questionable, I do believe that I would very much like to have a man in my life now. Pursuing interests, being at peace, reminding myself to keep my heart open…

  • Maggi Aebi

    I AM!!!

  • Erik

    And yet, dare I state that, from this man’s perspective, the task is equal…

    Happy and whole without a woman… yet so grateful for the exponential expansion of beauty and love in life when soulful connections are made… two as equals, sharing life’s journey not out of lack or neediness, rather out of their heart’s common desire to experience love and light in ever more radiant ways…

    So very much alive, have showed patience galore… yet waiting with childlike anticipation to share in mutual adore:) !!!

  • Dawn

    OH YAH… SPOT on As ALWAY’S MS. Occelli

  • Patrice

    Hey Erik….How you doin :-)