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The Surprising Reason You Must Embrace Abundance

January 24, 2013
Meredith R Splendor

Self Portrait by Meredith Rose. Quote by Cynthia Occelli.


On The Resurrecting Venus Radio Show, we gazed into the Mirror of Money. During the show, I referenced Maslow’s (basic) Hierarchy of Needs (pictured below). Maslow’s hierarchy shows us that in order for us to reach our greatest expression–self-actualization–we must have our needs for sustenance, security, community and self-worth met. If you’ve ever felt unworthy or undeserving of having your needs met, take a close look at these ideas and understand that it is vital for you to have all you need so that you can give the gifts you were created to give. In denying yourself abundance (and we’ll discuss the ways people do this), you deprive yourself and the world of your talents, creativity and contribution. Open up to abundance and embrace your inherent worthiness.



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Special thanks to Valli Ware for sending me healing energy (reiki) this morning and turning my day around. 

~ Cynthia