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6 Ways to Step Into the Fountain of Youth
February 22, 2017

Old. Over the hill. Best days behind you. This and other nonsense dispelled in this powerful episode. Cynthia shares six ways to step into the Fountain of Youth and free yourself from the malicious hypnotism of aging as a disempowered trip down Misery Lane. Learn how to change your mind, body, life and experience of aging forever. Birthdays happen. Aging is optional. Listen to this show and take your power back.

5 Steps to Create a Self-Love Revolution
February 14, 2017

Learn 5 simple and practical strategies to make you feel better, live better, and have a better life.Cynthia covers the top ways to increase your mental sharpness, physical well-being, emotional equanimity and spiritual strength. It’s time to clean your inner house and stop POOPing on the carpet. (Last chance to enroll in Beautiful Life School, closing Thursday.)

Persevere and Let Go: Never Quit, Never Cling
ebruary 9, 2017

What’s the secret to having a life filled with the sort of love, success, and experiences you desire? Persevere, take unrelenting massive action. What’s the secret to feeling happy no matter what? Let go, allow life to unfold in the way that’s best for you, for others, for the world. This may sound like a giant contradiction, but it’s really the perfect paradox. Practicing these two approaches together brings you the life your soul came here to live. Listen to this show and learn how to be a stubborn and hard-headed servant to the life you were made for living. Also, I have a BIG announcement coming this week, sign up: Beautiful Life School.

The Action Required to Create Your Dreams
February 2, 2017

What’s the ONE thing that translates thoughts into manifested reality? Your actions. Want to improve the quality and speed of your actions by 80%? Better yet, how would you like to have 91 hours of focused energy to invest into your dreams? Listen to this episode and you’ll get both. Increase your productivity, reduce wasted time, and learn where to put your focus. After this show, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Daily Rituals for Success and Happiness
January 26, 2017

It’s easy to dream. It’s even easy to craft a plan for those dreams, but it can be incredibly difficult to stay connected to those dreams, especially when you have a full life. NOT ANYMORE. In this show, I will share my super simple and quick daily rituals to keep you centered, focused, motivated, physically healthier and emotionally happier. Learn how to positively transform your life and draw your dreams to you.

A Plan that Makes Dreams Come True
January 19, 2017

Big dreams naturally feel out of reach. They cause us to feel like we might be a bit deluded and living in a fantasy land. But, people throughout all time and history have achieved such seemingly impossible desires. How? By having a plan. Creating practical plans, even those with steps that will require a bit of Divine assistance, takes the mystery out of creation and makes the path to your fulfillment clear and real. In this show, I will share the method I’ve used to:

–go to law school without a high school diploma
–build my dream home in Bel Air
–maintain my life and home when my ex had a brain aneurysm
–build my online platform to a 200k+ reach
–get published with NO contacts
–launch the Beautiful Life School, worldwide
–raise two children without their fathers and send them to college 

That’s a really short list of great and unlikely dreams realized. And remember, I started out as a welfare mom who lived in a garage. Plans make us see that getting from here, across a massive gap, to there is possible. Once we see that something is possible, we can move into making it probable. That’s what this show is all about. Listen and tell me about your plans.

The Power of Commitment: Dreaming Big in 2017 Series
Ep 27 – January 12, 2017

Broadcasting from a closet full of clothes, Cynthia continues sharing her process for creating the life and dreams of your heart. You’ll discover the single decision that signals to everyone and the universe that you’re ready for your goals. Learn how to triumph over fear, build your confidence, and insulate yourself and your dreams from harm. Hear how Cynthia’s dreams sat waiting for her, right behind her greatest fear and how she overcame it. You can too. Listen and learn how, now. 

Dreaming BIG in 2017
Ep 26 – January 4, 2017

In this show, Cynthia will help you open up to possibility and gather Divine inspiration BEFORE you plan out 2017. The dreams of your heart (not your ego, or conditioned wants) are what you came here to live and give to the world. Join Cynthia as she shares the basics of dream creation and nurturing. Learn exactly what not to do if you want your dreams to materialize.

Panning for Gold in 2016
Ep 25- December 29, 2016

Would you build a new home on a pile of junk? As 2016 closes, millions of New Year’s resolutions will float in the ethers as droves of us barrel into the New Year, drunk, clutching a list of things we intend to force ourselves to do and lugging the baggage of the past with us. There is a MUCH better way. Before you get all excited about the New Year, let’s make peace and gather the gold from 2016. In this show, I’ll share my process for extracting the wisdom and wonder of the passing year (yes it’s in there, trust me), cleaning up, and making space for an intentionally fulfilling 2017.

10 Life Changing Tips for Holiday Self Care
Ep 24- December 21, 2016

The holidays are heavenly in hindsight and hectic when we’re in the thick of making magical memories FOR EVERYONE ELSE! Fret not, this week’s show promises to make your holidays much merrier and, if you do your part, they’ll make 2017 a year you love. I’ve opened my personal journal to share the tools and strategies I use to navigate life’s pressures. Listen, apply, and reap the rewards. Happy Holidays (and every-days)!

The Immense Power of Letting Go
Ep 23- December 14, 2016

What if you could free yourself of negative feelings, hindering beliefs, attachments to outcomes, and fear of the unknown? This show is all about letting go and becoming emotionally free. You’ll learn to surrender what doesn’t serve you and to open a channel for positive solutions. Letting go is my personal secret for surviving the greatest challenges of my life. Don’t miss this. In this episode you’ll learn what letting go means in a variety of common life situations as well as in your most private moments. You’ll also learn a practical technique for letting go. Apply it and let it change your life, too.

Life, Death & Falling in Love (Cynthia’s Back)
Ep 22- December 12, 2016

After more than a year away, I’m back with tales and treasures gathered from my journey through the most terrible and wonderful time of my life. Tune in and hear all about: how I’m handling the greatest loss of my life, falling head over heels in love, being called to return to work in the most Divine of ways. This show will help you to get unstuck, fortify yourself with lasting confidence and self-worth, open up to love, let go and let the Divine plan unfold for you and connect to your heart’s wisdom. This is the most raw, honest, and powerful talk I’ve ever shared.

5 Tips for Breaking Up Well
(Ep 21- October 29, 2015)

Are you struggling to leave a romantic relationship? In February of 2015, I made the very difficult decision to leave a 12 year relationship. The man I left is wonderful. Our day to day experience was peaceful. We had no major issues tearing us apart. Yet, I knew I needed to leave. In this show, we’ll explore the dynamics of breaking up.

10 Tips for Feminine Women
(Ep 20- October 21, 2015)

In this show, you’ll learn 10 tips to nurture your femininity and bring more peace, freedom, and creative expression to your live. Learn how to make space for your life’s purpose to manifest, and to deliver your gifts to the world. Become a master at self-care and let go of worrying about what others think.

Femininity, Love and Relationships
(Ep 19- October 7, 2015)

Are you in love with a masculine man? Would you like to experience more of your feminine self in your relationship? Listen and get Cynthia’s take on how to love and be loved in the context of committed relationships.

Femininity, Love and Dating
(Ep 18- September 30, 2015)

In a romantic world of competition and aggression among women, how can a feminine woman attract love? In this fourth installment in her popular femininity series, Cynthia lays out four clear steps that will dramatically improve your life and attract the love you desire and deserve—regardless of age, size, or status. This show is about dating for the feminine woman. Tune in and get started today.

How To Recreate Your Life With Feminine Energy
(Ep 17- September 24, 2015)

This third installment in Cynthia’s series on embracing femininity dives deep into the hows of remaking your life with your feminine energy. Learn how to eliminate undermining social messages and to recognize your inherent beauty. Discover how to become a timeless beauty. By the end of this episode, you know precisely how to let femininity recreate your world. 

Connect with Your Inner Goddess
September 18, 2015

Would you like to connect with your intuition? Do you have a question that no one else can answer? Would you like to embrace and experience your feminine strengths? Let Cynthia guide you in this extraordinary meditation. Click here to listen, free.

How to Embrace Your Femininity
(Ep. 16-  September 15, 2015)

The discussion of femininity continues. In this show, you’ll learn how to better define femininity for yourself, and Cynthia will guide you in laying the groundwork for your transformation. Get ready to embrace your feminine gifts. Enjoy Cynthia’s beautiful meditation, Connect With Your Inner Goddess, free.

What is feminine energy, feminine essence, feminine power, and femininity?
(Ep. 15-  September 7, 2015)

There’s a lot of confusion about what femininity, feminine energy, feminine power, and feminine essence (collectively “the feminine”) mean? Listen to this podcast. Cynthia defines femininity, shares her personal experience with becoming more feminine, and learn how to allow the feminine to remake your inner and outer world.

10 Steps to Extraordinary Self-Care
(Ep. 14-  August 25, 2015)

Life is inherently stressful. Do you know how to take excellent care of yourself? It’s easy to let common and uncommon pressures get in the way of self-care. In this show, Cynthia shares ten actionable tips for taking extraordinary care of yourself. Self-care is self-love in action. Listen and learn how to create happiness, resilience, empowerment and success, today.

Top 5 Ways You Sabotage Your Success
(Ep. 13-  August 18, 2015)

Is something stopping you from attaining the success and happiness you desire? Do you get to a certain point and then hit a wall? Discover the top 5 ways you may be sabotaging yourself. In this free podcast, you’ll learn to dissolve the obstacles and finally enjoy the life you deserve.

8 Steps to Clean Your Consciousness and Connect with Your Intuition
(Ep. 12-  August 11, 2015)

You are intuitive, whether you realize it or not. There’s a higher knowing within you. It’s always there and available to support you. It may communicate or express itself as a feeling, a vision, a voice, or a simple knowing. The challenge for most people is in recognizing their intuition and distinguishing between it, the ego, emotions, and their thinking mind. Intuitive knowings aren’t like other types of thoughts or feelings. They are quiet, simple, arise from an inner state of detachment, and are easily overlooked. In contrast, the ego, emotional reactions, and the thinking mind’s conclusions are more intense, adamant, and charged. It’s nearly impossible to connect with your intuitive center when consumed by chaotic states of mind. Learn 8 steps to cultivate a quiet, spacious, inner environment—one that supports you in recognizing and understanding your intuition. 

The Richest Woman in Babylon: Practical Money Mastery
(Ep. 11-  August 3, 2015)

Do you struggle with money? Do you never seem to have enough? Do you skrimp, pinch, and suffer in an attempt to save? This show is for any woman who wants to learn about handling money well. Inspired by the wealth building classic book, “The Richest Man in Babylon,” Cynthia adds her own insights and leaves you with a plan to help you achieve financial security. Gain practical tools and tips to help you create and keep real wealth.

The Mirror of Money: Your Consciousness and Money
(Ep. 10 –  July 28, 2015)

Do you routinely, and for no rational reason, charge less than fair market value for your work or services? Do you take less so someone else can have more? Do you accept gifts and compliments graciously or deflect them? Are you always broke? Your financial picture is a reflection of your inner views about your worthiness and whether or not you believe you deserve abundance. In this show, we’ll look into the mirror of money, and share how you can open up to greater wealth, abundance, and receiving. 

Starting Over: 10 Things You Need to Know
(Ep. 9 –  July 21, 2015)

Life happens to all of us. Sooner or later everyone goes through a dark time, a time when everything comes undone. Starting over after a divorce or break up, job crisis, financial disaster, painful experience, or loss, can be scary and intimidating. I know, I’ve done it more than once. Here’s what you need to know: Your best days can be ahead of you. You can have the love, success, finances, and joy you desire. You can be happier, freer, and more fulfilled than ever before, but there are things you must know and do for this to happen. In this show, I’ll give you ten powerful tools to ensure that you start over strong and thrive.

Your Road Map to Guaranteed Success
(Ep. 8 –  July 14, 2015)

What happens when you decide to pursue your dreams? Chaos. It shows up as self-doubt, procrastination, criticism from yourself and others, discouragement, obstacles, delays, and seeming denials. In this show, you’ll learn why your dreams matter, how to eliminate obstacles, and the secret to mastering chaos. Once you know these wise insights, you’ll know how to guarantee your success.

Stop Waiting and Start Living
(Ep. 7 –  July 6, 2015)

You know that other life, the one you ache to live? It follows you around waiting its turn, waiting for someday to finally get here. It’s pushed aside by very important things, things you won’t remember in a week, let alone a year. Not living out your creative gifts, dreams and passions is comfortable, at first. There’s no possibility of failure, embarrassment or humiliation. You say things like, “Someday, I’m going to do what I’ve always dreamed of and it’s going to be amazing.” Then you go on doing things that get you no closer to the life you want to live. If you’re lucky, something awful happens, something so dramatic that you’re forced to grasp the reality of your mortality. You realize that this moment is all you really have, and how you use this moment is the only thing that can make your deepest desires real. It won’t be easy, convenient, or the right time. Others won’t understand, agree, or often support you. You’ll be all alone in the wilderness, and you’ll be okay. It will be your initiation. Join me for this very special episode and learn how to stop waiting and start living.

Attracting Love, Being Beautiful, and What Men Really Want
(Ep. 6 – June 29, 2015)

Are you longing for love? Get ready to become a love magnet. This show is all about attracting real, healthy, and lasting love relationships with desirable men. Listen to what good guys really want, and let go of the myths. Discover the elixir of radiant beauty, and join the ranks of the sexiest women in the world. Listen and learn!

Guilt, Toxic Relationships, Single-Motherhood, Getting Unstuck, Forgiveness
(Ep. 5 – June 23, 2015)

What’s bugging you? I receive up to 100 emails a day (sorry I can’t answer them all, but I read every one of them), and while they come from women all over the world, they’re surprisingly similar. We struggle with similar challenges and worries, things like guilt, single-motherhood, getting unstuck, forgiveness, boundaries and following our passions while still paying the rent. In this episode of The LIFE by Cynthia Occelli show, I’m answering the questions you ask the most.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Dreams
(Ep. 4 – June 16, 2015)

Is it really possible for you to have your deepest desires and dreams? ABSOLUTELY. No matter where you’re starting from, even if you’re a single-mom, in-debt, or divorced and starting over, these powerful truths and practical approaches will help you achieve your dreams. You can’t afford to miss this show.

Before you judge another woman, consider this.
(Ep. 3 – June 10, 2015)

Have you ever harshly judged another woman for not living up to your definition of right behavior? Have you been judged, dishonored or attacked by a “sister”? Listen to this show and learn how to help, not harm, the sisterhood—this and other lessons learned during my “Waiting to Exhale” weekend.

The 10 things I wish someone had told me about life.
(Ep. 2 – June 5, 2015)

It’s never too late to learn and benefit from these game-changing insights about self-esteem, confidence, money, relationships, and more.

Surrender Victimhood and Take Your Power Back
(Ep. 1 – June 5, 2015)

Victim thinking may be the greatest impediment to successful living. It stems from the belief that someone or something else is responsible for the content, quality, or experience of your life. Listen and learn how to take empowered responsibility for yourself so that you can create a life you love.

When Cinderella’s carriage turned into a pumpkin.
(Ep. 0 – June 5, 2015)

My story. Learn about me and the challenges, hardships, and soaring successes that led me to a career in women’s empowerment. This show answers the question: Why should I listen to Cynthia?