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How to change your mind and change your life

July 9, 2013

 Day 8 of the 21 day challenge0011

As we begin week 2 of the 21-day fast from negative self-judgment and criticism, I am reminded of just how powerful and insidious our inner voices are. If you’re new to the fast, it’s not too late to begin. You can follow at and find the entire process here:

The words we use when we speak to ourselves are more than just inner musings that happen in a private place and create no outward result. They shape our entire life experience. When we think thoughts that are positive, health-supporting, healing, and confident, they change the actions we take in the world.

They also change the energy that we emanate. People are naturally drawn to others who feel good about themselves. Our relationships at home, at work, and with ourselves are heavily dependent upon how we talk to, think of, and treat ourselves.

A major goal of this fast is to help you become aware of the habitual patterns and ways that you speak to yourself. It is only through knowing what is that you can shift it.

Many of us are living out a lifetime of habitual thinking patterns that were assigned and conditioned in us long before we had the ability to choose or agree to them.

When we become aware, we can evaluate whether our thinking and self-talk empowers and supports us, or hinders us. It is vital to examine and explore how our inner ways of being change our life experiences and what it creates for us.

Once we understand what’s happening within and grasp its impact on our lives, we will have a clear motivation to change it.

Last week, we focused on becoming aware. This week we’ll focus on letting go of what doesn’t serve us and turn our attention to our highest vision of who and how we’d like to be in life.

Next week, we’ll move on to implementing, adopting, and accepting the good we desire and deserve.

If you haven’t joined us yet, again it’s not too late. Get started!

Leave a comment and share how you’re doing and what this cleanse is calling forth for you. Please share this post with someone you care about.