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How to create your dreams in minutes!

January 26, 2013


Read the following snippets from Resurrecting Venus, then commit to spending even just 15 minutes a day (that’s 91+ hours in a year), focusing on a professional path that will bring you meaningful (subjective) success. Let it begin as a past-time or hobby. Stick with it and watch what happens. It may change the trajectory of your entire life.

33. Unleashing Divine Power

Behind every great woman is her True Self: a divine emanation.

Self-doubt holds women in tight, but seemingly safe, corners. In truth, to doubt your divine gifts is an insult to Creation. You are only a conduit. Get out-of-the-way. Awaken to the truth that you are here on purpose. You are a magnificent being created by the same energy that created every person you’ve ever admired. To nurture, grow, and express the best in you is to honor Creation. This benefits not only you, but also every other person confined to their personal corner of doubt. When you become your best, you are a beacon of possibility, a living inspiration. When you play small, your suffering is not limited to you. It touches everyone.

Don’t wait! You’re already worthy. You are enough. Acknowledge your feelings of fear and unworthiness and press on. Do what you love. If you dream of owning a successful business, write a business plan and get started now, whatever your circumstances. Start as small as you have to, just start.

Don’t be stopped by what others may think . . . There is a career for every passion, and all work can be used to serve others and society. No path is too small if it enlivens you . . .

Play to your strengths and forget about your weaknesses. It’s nearly impossible to turn inherent weaknesses into excellence. You can be bad at something and get better, but you will probably never be great. The world is full of people who are considered good at their jobs, but very few attain excellence—those who do receive the greatest reward and recognition. To cultivate excellence, focus on enhancing your strengths. Chances are high that what you are naturally good at intersects with your passions.

Improving from weaknesses and mediocrity can only serve you up to the point that you become competent in basic written expression, mathematics, and a general understanding of worldly function. Beyond that, there is not enough benefit to justify the effort when you could channel your energy to going from good to great. If you are a terrible writer but you love math, drop your creative writing class and hire a math tutor.

Accept that you are a unique creation, an amalgamation of gifts and attributes that exist in no one else. Your essence is alive and ever-flowing within you. Tap into it and go with (not against) the current. The world needs your gifts.”–Resurrecting Venus

What dreams are you letting pass you by? What’s stopping you from carving out just 15 minutes a day for your passion?