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September 15, 2012

We are quickly flowing toward the launch of my new book, Resurrecting Venus! My publisher asked me to define what would have to happen for me to feel successful with this book. The answer practically jumped out of me: Resurrecting Venus will be a success if it helps just ONE woman to recognize her magnificence, worthiness, and power to create her deepest desires. 

I’m overjoyed because I have already shattered my goal! Early readers have sent me beautiful emails saying that Resurrecting Venus has changed their lives. They’re saying things like:

“I am very excited about this book. It is simply a work of art and a really important work and I commend you for how elegantly you have tackled such an important ‘issue’ in our society, then giving the tools to move forward–and you do so with such grace, without blame, just a whole inspired truth, love it!” –Christy C.

“Resurrecting Venus has helped me so much. It should be required reading for EVERY woman. Especially women in the workplace working with other women.”–Gigi G.

“I’m curled up on my bed after a delish Sunday afternoon nap reading Resurrecting Venus and I’m already highlighting passages like mad. I’m loving it. Truly. You are just hitting the nail on the head for so many of the issues I’ve been personally struggling with. Thank you.”–Terri T.

“Your material seems very cutting edge to us because we haven’t seen anything like it.” –Jessica B., editor

I stayed up nights reading! This book is a game changer. Seriously, I’d even go so far as to say revolutionary. You’re saying what I think so many women have been feeling (whether they could articulate it or not) for a long time. I grew up knowing how feminine I was and teetered between being proud of that and feeling ashamed or like I needed to be “more”. I particularly loved The Goddess Mother.” –Natalie G. 

I can’t tell you how good it feels to make a real and positive contribution to a woman’s life. If you’d like to join me in inspiring and supporting women (including yourself), please send me a note. You can click the image above or just reply to this email. 

The I AM VENUS Ambassador program is still being fine tuned, but it involves sharing the wisdom of Resurrecting Venus online and in your community, becoming charter members of our under-construction member forums designed to support and foster real connection between us, and some special features and gifts–just for I AM VENUS Ambassadors. If you’d like to serve the sisterhood and yourself–because rising tides lift all boats–join me!

Make way my sisters, Venus is Rising!

~ Cynthia

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